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TV Producer

"My passion has always been the arts, from writing short stories to dancing to acting in school plays. Today I pursue that passion by producing programming for a video production house. Some of our shows are scripted, including sci-fi, children’s TV and sitcoms, while others are unscripted reality programming. Sometimes I work with writers, directors and actors, and sometimes I’m collaborating with journalists and documentarians. My job is to manage production, overseeing research, writing, logistics, shooting schedules, technical support and editing. My intent is to deliver content that’s entertaining and informative. I travel a lot. My days are hectic, whether I’m on the set, meeting with technical crews or writers, or working with editors. It is incredibly satisfying to see the visual magic that unfolds on the small screen, especially when you know all the effort that went into it."

Salary Range:

$56,000 - $89,000

The Tip

People usually go into this field for the creative payoff, but to succeed you need a keen business sense to sell your product, network and negotiate. Mastery of those skills paves the way for more creative opportunities.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
  • Production planning & design

  • Manage projects

  • Ability to develop a compelling narrative

  • Ability to develop evidence-based content

  • Ability to generate new approaches to familiar stories

  • Ability to pitch ideas

Great at
  • Data analytics

  • Expertise in verbal and written use of language

  • Research

  • Visual and audio recording and editing

  • Ability to monetize content

Good at
  • Execute a promotional strategy

    • Link content with a specific audience

    • Apply expertise in media-focused subject areas (current affairs, sports, entertainment, weather)

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Arts (film studies)

  • Other education paths could include: a Bachelor of Communication majoring in broadcast media studies or journalism, or a diploma in broadcast or media production from a college or technical institute

  • Took the Producers Emergence Program through local polytechnic.


"I’ve always loved storytelling in any form. I started my own YouTube channel on gaming when I was in high school. I wrote fiction for a student publication in university. My post-secondary journey was all about exploring the aspects of different narrative forms, hoping I would make a career telling stories. My passion drives my work."

Employment Experiences:
  • While a student, I worked two summers as a production assistant on the TV crew of a western drama series

  • After graduation I was hired to help with the technical production of a reality TV series on Canadian cuisine

  • Three years later I started with a big production house, spending time writing scripts and in post-production, then as an associate producer for a movie review show, before I got the chance to produce my first documentary crime series


"I found in this industry my best shot at opportunities was through networking, not job postings. Getting involved early on in entry-level positions helped put me in contact with people who were either hiring or knew the outfits that were. That’s how I landed my first role and how I eventually came on board with a multi-million dollar production house. Today I’m a senior producer with the same company, with a list of award-winning projects on my resume."

Community Experiences:
  • Volunteered at the local film festival as a student, and serve on the board now

  • I sit on the judging committee for the regional screen awards


"I travel quite a bit but I try to connect with others in the business with my volunteer work. I also try to put myself in the position of helping young producers find their way through the industry."

Contextual Experiences:
  • I set up a program to donate used film gear to an inner-city youth film program


"Media production is deeply entrenched in privilege, and it’s critical to give access to storytelling tools to all segments of society."

  • I make a point of staying in touch with friends and colleagues, reaching out to them directly on social media


"Maintaining professional friendships gives me extra opportunities to get feedback, and to run ideas past people whose opinions I value."

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