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Transmedia Designer - Marketing Agency

"I’ve heard about the old days when some designers could specialize in one medium, like print or TV. Today, we need to be able to tell multi-faceted client stories that invoke emotion across many media from digital to print to entertainment to TV to outdoor to experiential events and beyond. That’s transmedia. I need the ability to craft rich, interconnected brand storylines and the design skills to deliver on this creative vision across many layers of a customer journey. Creative storytelling combined with technical skill is my unique value proposition."

Salary Range:

$77,000 - $98,750

The Tip

Join a club that is outside of your comfort zone. There is magic in being different.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
Strategic Marketing
  • Develop & execute a positioning strategy

  • Develop & execute a brand strategy

  • Conduct a competitive analysis

  • Conduct an environmental scan

  • Develop & apply a segmentation strategy


Research & Insight
  • Demonstrate empathy & curiosity

  • Leverage contextual knowledge

  • Ability to analyze data

  • Leverage research to support consumer insights

  • Presentation & report-writing skills

  • Use analytics tools


Product management
  • Measure return on investment (ROI)

  • Manage a budget

  • Manage projects

Communications & Branding
  • Develop & execute a media plan

  • Sponsorship & community investment

  • Leverage earned media

  • Leverage event & experiential marketing

  • Leverage influencer marketing

  • Develop a promotional strategy

  • Knowledge of media psychology

  • Apply marketing within a CSR framework

Content Curation & Design
  • Apply visual design fundamentals

  • Conduct content research & curation

  • Develop original content

  • Apply creative production processes

  • Develop content schedule & plan

  • Use design tools

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Diplomas in both graphic design and creative technologies for marketing

  • Transmedia Aesthetics and Technology Summer program at New York University

  • Online screenwriting course from Masterclass

  • Continued professional development courses to maintain familiarity in design software


"The medium still is the message. I love that marketing mediums are constantly changing. When I learned about transmedia marketing, a professor helped me craft a learning path that included training in the arts, mastering of storytelling forms, and building marketing technology credentials."

Employment Experiences:
  • Website designer and content creator for local retailer with community engagement

  • Co-op work term at digital agency as a project coordinator

  • Co-op work term as editorial design assistant at magazine

  • Digital design lead in a boutique agency

  • Data storytelling designer for a research firm

  • Transmedia designer at global children’s toy and entertainment company


"I watched Mad Men on TV and realized how different a marketing agency is today. New technology has radically changed how marketing campaigns are designed. To gain the experience I needed to lead the creation of immersive brand storytelling and multi-channel marketing promotion and entertainment, I sought out a range of jobs that helped me explore the intersection of digital media with principles of marketing, consumer psychology, design, data and creative production."

Community Experiences:
  • Volunteer on communications committees for comic book convention, literary conference and film festival

  • Literacy tutor for new immigrants


"I volunteer with people and organizations that understand the power of storytelling (through images, words and music) to change people’s lives and galvanize community action."

Contextual Experiences:
  • Created a transmedia-style portfolio which included video, graphic design, a comic strip, a podcast-style interview, a short story, a print ad, a colouring book & a personal brand book


"My friends and I are always mashing up old and new media in our creative projects. Although I’m not a big gamer, I like to keep up to date on gaming’s influence on entertainment and culture."

  • Belong to a creative group of friends interested in film, music, writing, design and art.


"My friends, colleagues and neighbours are endless sources of inspiration, knowledge, stories and creative exploration."

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