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Tournament Manager - eSport

"As the eSport tournament manager, I manage all aspects of my golf tournament including scheduling, contracting, budgeting, promotion and administration. This role has a huge scope because I own everything from generating revenue from ticket sales and sponsorships to managing suppliers, volunteers and golf course operations. My job may peak for one week of the year, but it takes enormous focus and discipline for the other 51 weeks to deliver."

Salary Range:

$50,000 - $74,000

The Tip

Being a professional in sport & recreation requires being passionate about the game and the business. It is the combination that will make you unique.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
  • Financial management

  • Human resource/volunteer management

  • Project management

  • Scheduling

  • Consumer insights

  • Revenue generation

  • Sales & distribution management

  • Marketing communication

  • Public relations

  • Promotions & sponsorship

  • Event & experiential marketing

  • Market analysis

  • Branding & positioning

  • Content marketing

  • Contextual knowledge of sport

Core Transferable

Be an expert at all core transferable skills:

  • Thinking skills

  • Communication skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Technical literacy

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (Sport & Recreation Management).

  • Completed event marketing diploma at local college

  • Completed Game Design: Art and Concepts Specialization from California Institute of the Arts Coursera


"Since I was a teenager I dreamed of being in sport management. I followed this into studying sport management but was exposed to the growing impact of eSport on traditional sport. I decided to be unique, my education needed to reflect the mash-up of both sport management and technology."

Employment Experiences:
  • Did a marketing internship at local game developer start-up. My job was to set-up local tournaments to generate video content.

  • First position after graduation, I became a tournament coordinator for a national sport organization.

  • Became eSport coordinator for large established gaming company.

  • Recruited to become manager of eSport for the NHL.


"My big break happened by deciding to do an internship one summer with a local game developer who organized eSport tournaments. This single decision has defined my career. It showed me the future potential of eSport. I specifically chose to take a traditional event management role because this gave me the skills to manage large complex events. When I went to a larger eSport company and then to the NHL, my unique set of skills and experiences set me apart."

Community Experiences:
  • Joined gamer club in my community when I was 16 years-old. This helped build my network and identify local mentors. When I am back in my hometown I host an annual gamer hackathon via this club to mentor up and coming designers

  • Was on executive of my university eSport gaming club. Very active in both eSport gaming and traditional sport communities.


"Volunteering not only allows me to contribute my skills to my community, it broadens my network and relationships. The diversity of these relationships forces me out of my comfort zone."

Contextual Experiences:
  • I have played varsity soccer and continue to play in an elite adult league today.


"Sport has always been a huge part of my life. I really believe that playing the sport at an elite level makes me better at my job. I really empathize with the competitive culture of elite eSport."

  • The principal of the tech start-up I did my internship at was a visionary. He saw the marketing potential of gaming events to drive subscriptions and sales.


"Invest in your relationships with the purpose of getting outside of our comfort zone. It’s easy to build a network of people “just like me”…it’s much harder to build a network of people who challenge your norms. This challenge will make you a better person."

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