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Sports Anchor, Reporter

"I am the driving force behind the sports content at the TV station where I work. I cover the local sports scene, whether it’s professional, Olympic, amateur or even recreational. Most of my day is spent attending practices or news conferences to produce content for the sports segment (which I also anchor) of the local supper-hour newscast. I follow the progress of the local pro teams closely, and have a deep understanding of not only the competitive landscape, but also the business side, such as collective agreements and salary caps. When our network does big event coverage for the Grey Cup, Winter Games or Stanley Cup playoffs, I often become part of the broadcast crew and travel to the action. To stay current and informed, I read about and watch the latest developments in the world of sports."

Salary Range:

$54,000 - $119,000

The Tip

The best sports broadcasters are first and foremost good journalists. They take the time to do lots of research and understand the big issues, and can tell important stories, not just recite scores and statistics.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
  • Ability to develop a compelling narrative

  • Ability to develop evidence-based content

  • Ability to generate new approaches to familiar stories

  • Expertise in verbal and written use of language

  • Research

Great at
  • Apply expertise in media-focused subject areas (current affairs, sports, entertainment, weather)

  • Ability to create and edit content for digital applications

  • Visual and audio recording and editing

  • Ability to pitch ideas

Good at
  • Execute a promotional strategy

  • Ability to monetize content

  • Apply deep understanding of media needs, practices and news cycles

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Broadcast Diploma

  • Other education paths could include: a Bachelor of Communication majoring in broadcast media studies or journalism with a minor in kinesiology, speech, or economics, or a diploma in media production from a college or technical institute

  • Local, national and international sports publications and websites


"My college instructors made it clear to me that if I wanted to work in sports broadcasting I had to be a great all-around reporter. I take particular pride in my writing and have always looked for the sports stories no one else is telling. Sports broadcasting is an incredibly competitive field and I’ve always recognized that my work had to stand out for me to succeed."

Employment Experiences:
  • In my second year of college I did live play-by-play online for a local tier II junior hockey team

  • I started as a general news reporter for a small market TV station, and was eventually promoted to sports anchor

  • Transferred to a major market station with the same company after two years, first as the weekend sports anchor, then weekday sports anchor three years later


"I knew starting out as a general news reporter would be great experience to sharpen my writing and reporting skills. In taking that job, I indicated to the station manager that I was interested in sports, and offered to do some coverage on my own time. When the sports anchor position opened up, I was ready to step in."

Community Experiences:
  • Volunteer for Special Olympics Canada

  • Coach community basketball


"I see real value in sports, especially in the development of young people. Working with Special Olympians and children helps remind me of the benefits."

Contextual Experiences:
  • I run a small business on the side trading in 20th century sports memorabilia, and I travel to collectible shows across North America


"Connecting to sports history this way helps me to contextualize some of my sports stories."

  • One of my college instructors was a longtime sportscaster whom I’ve always stayed in touch with and who was very generous in sharing his sources and industry contacts


"It’s reassuring to have a mentor in your life who knows your strengths and weaknesses and will share constructive criticism and advice without destroying your self-confidence."

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