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Software Quality Assurance Specialist - Consumer Electronics

"It is up to me to make sure that the public receives only the best. I work in the IT department of the company, ensuring that all software developed by the software project team is of high quality and devoid of errors, which could threaten any aspect of corporate reputation and performance. I write software test cases and implement automated test scripts, troubleshoot bugs and document procedures. I will send developers back to the drawing board as many times as necessary until I am confident in the product’s quality."

Salary Range:

$53,000 - $71,000

The Tip

Software quality assurance requires determination, dedication and great attention to details.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
Technical Knowledge & Skills
  • Code automated tests

  • Analyze test results

  • Capable of using source code repositories

  • Create test plans & establish product quality standards

  • Ability to create & document test cases

  • Understanding of testing environments

  • General knowledge of computer networks, databases & web technology

  • Knowledge of web databases

  • Website and web application layout management

  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming languages

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering with a minor in operations management

  • Have completed courses in the following areas:

  • Software quality planning, statistical process control, test development and control mechanisms


"My degree in Software Engineering introduced me to the importance of discipline and process. I took an elective in project management that soon became a minor in operations management. I commit to a minimum of three professional development courses per year. Most are related to maintaining currency in the latest software testing tools and platforms."

Employment Experiences:
  • Completed an internship as a programmer, working in an agile software development environment

  • At graduation, hired by a transportation company as a junior business process improvement analyst

  • Promoted to quality assurance analyst. Responsible for software testing prior to implementation across corporate network.


"My experience has been diverse, but I learned early on the importance of quality assurance. If this is done poorly, it can not only sink a product, it can sink a company. I tell people my job is to protect the integrity and reputation of my company and its information resources."

Community Experiences:
  • I am passionate about ensuring socio-economic constraints don’t limit access to technology. I volunteer for a charity that raises funds to buy technology for local schools. So far, we have distributed 2,400 tablets to children in 64 different schools.


"I go to local schools and train teachers and children on how to use different technology platforms. There is no greater reward than seeing the light bulb go on for a child who has never used a tablet before."

Contextual Experiences:
  • Played varsity basketball in university


"I developed a strong work ethic and a reputation for great attention to details. Playing basketball and chess provided me with the discipline to understand the interrelationships that exist among competing variables, with an eye on the final goal."

  • I seek to foster good working relationships with all the people I am dependent upon for deliverables. They need to know me well enough to understand my intentions.


"I understand motivation and how or why people do what they do. I need to know how to read people and know who’s having a bad day and how to deal with that so I always get the best out of them. I can see software quality as a holistic concept that deals with correctness of the software, and with the satisfaction of the user."

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