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Senior Inventory Analyst

"I am an operations research analyst who work in the retail, wholesale, and distribution sectors, where they maximize production by keeping the right materials on hand to maximize industrial production. My job is to manage inventory and forecast demands and I manage all functions that pertain to replenishment of store inventory and maintenance of perpetual inventory for the store."

Salary Range:

$38,000 - $60,000

The Tip

Education doesn’t end when you get a degree. SCM is moving so fast, always look for unique professional development opportunities – from podcasts to books to online courses.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
Customer Relationship Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Apply principles of CRM

  • Manage a sales process

  • Compelling presentation & report writing

  • Develop & execute a distribution strategy

  • Leverage e-commerce

  • Develop & execute a merchandising strategy

  • Leverage co-operative marketing

  • Provide customer support

  • Develop & execute a pricing strategy


General Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Manage budgets

  • Manage projects

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Conduct competitive analysis

  • Conduct environmental scan

  • Leverage contextual knowledge

  • Analyze data & leverage business intelligence

  • Develop and manage forecasts

  • Manage business intelligence and analytics

  • Negotiate and manage contracts

Internal Supply Chain Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Collaborate with partners in product/service design

  • Manage inventory and warehousing

  • Manage order fulfillment

  • Manage transportation logistics

  • Design, establish and manage related contracts

  • Identify and develop strategic sourcing relationships

  • Establish strategic and tactical SCM plans and processes

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) with minors in statistics and finance

  • Diploma in business analytics from Penn State via Coursera


"I knew a university degree was integral, but I didn’t know what I wanted to study. I was strong in sciences and specifically chemistry. Chemistry set me up to move into pharmaceuticals because I understand the fundamentals of the business. Doing a minor in statistics helped me to understand some key financial principles that led me to a diploma in business analytics."

Employment Experiences:
  • President of statistics club during university

  • Hired as marketing analyst for a large pharmaceutical company out of university

  • Transferred from marketing to operations in an inventory analyst. I was promoted to senior inventory analyst after three years and now have a staff of four


"I found performance creates opportunities. The early stages were super hard work and I needed to persevere through rejection. I found most people didn’t have this driven resiliency, and because I did, I built a network and a reputation that have become my greatest assets."

Community Experiences:
  • Was in membership role for student club

  • Fundraising lead for local chapter of KidSport

  • Coach youth sports


"Volunteer activities introduced me to people outside of my industry and network. This created the ability to develop and expand my skills and give me proof I have them. My volunteer work has been an important foundation for building a sense of humility."

Contextual Experiences:
  • Have travelled to 11 countries


"Exposure to diverse cultures reinforced my humility because it showed me the world is big and what I know is so small."

  • Had a professional mentor in first job out of university

  • Play pickup hockey with people in my industry

  • Client networks and personal relationships


"Success in any business is about relationships. I recognize all relationships must be win-win. My job can involve long hours (early mornings and late nights), so I need to have strong personal relationships who value this part of me."

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