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Production Manufacturing Manager

"I create things and I manage people who create things. Production is my trade, I am the first step of supply chain management, and it is my job to manage every aspect of every lower level of production. I organize, direct, control and evaluate all production related processes and results through the management of the respective layers of production managers and supervisors. Management is my passion, and this is where I shine."

Salary Range:

$62,000 - $86,000

The Tip

Think big. Regardless of who you work for, you are always your own boss.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
Customer Relationship Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Apply principles of CRM

  • Manage a sales process

  • Compelling presentation & report writing

  • Develop & execute a distribution strategy

  • Leverage e-commerce

  • Develop & execute a merchandising strategy

  • Leverage co-operative marketing

  • Provide customer support

  • Develop & execute a pricing strategy


General Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Manage budgets

  • Manage projects

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Conduct competitive analysis

  • Conduct environmental scan

  • Leverage contextual knowledge

  • Analyze data & leverage business intelligence

  • Develop and manage forecasts

  • Manage business intelligence and analytics

  • Negotiate and manage contracts

Internal Supply Chain Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Collaborate with partners in product/service design

  • Manage inventory and warehousing

  • Manage order fulfillment

  • Manage transportation logistics

  • Design, establish and manage related contracts

  • Identify and develop strategic sourcing relationships

  • Establish strategic and tactical SCM plans and processes

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Co-op (marketing) with a minor in SCM

  • Master of Business Administration (finance)

  • Completed multiple courses in finance at local college

  • Certificate in digital design


"I am committed to lifelong learning. During my co-op program in university, I was exposed to the pace and diversity of agency life. I need to remain active in becoming technically literate in emerging digital technology and design. I took a single finance course, and this led to the completion of my part-time MBA (paid for by my employer). I try to find a balance between creativity and analytics."

Employment Experiences:
  • Obtaining an entry level production assembly position which lead to a move into production scheduling


"The ability to build off the experiences and understandings that were obtained as a production assembler, through to production scheduler laid a solid foundation for how to effectively move into the actual production management responsibility – for both output and the people that actually performed the related production roles."

Community Experiences:
  • Board, national marketing association

  • Campaign chair, university capital campaign

  • Active as mentor in alumni association

  • President, marketing club during BBA


"Being in a leadership position in a university club taught me key networking skills. This led to me securing a co-op agency role. I was intentionally active in the industry association and my university’s capital campaign with a goal of meeting new young talent."

Contextual Experiences:
  • Took a six-month sabbatical and travelled through Africa and Australia


"I am all in our all out. Taking a sabbatical gave me the “me time” I needed to recharge my batteries. I plan to build this into my mission map throughout my career"

  • Had a senior mentor early in my career

  • My spouse has taken time out from their career while our children are in preschool


"My career map isn’t for everyone because it can create personal and professional stress. Balance is difficult, but my spouse and mentor are my rocks. They push me back on course when I lose balance and perspective."

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