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Product Manager - Operations

"I use my strong people skills, both in communication and negotiation, to manage a project from beginning to end. My job starts with the creation and approval of a project and lasts for the management of that project. Including recruiting team members, making decisions, balancing aspects of a project, and meeting requirements around time and cost. My detail-oriented personality allows me to create and complete a variety of projects for my company in a variety of areas. Managing people, money, and tech, are just a few of the skills I could need to succeed as a Project Manager."

Salary Range:

$66,000 - $102,000

The Tip

Pick external certifications that align with your mission and build a plan to achieve these one by one. They not only signal expertise, they signal intentionality and focus.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
Customer Relationship Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Apply principles of CRM

  • Manage a sales process

  • Compelling presentation & report writing

  • Develop & execute a distribution strategy

  • Leverage e-commerce

  • Develop & execute a merchandising strategy

  • Leverage co-operative marketing

  • Provide customer support

  • Develop & execute a pricing strategy


General Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Manage budgets

  • Manage projects

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Conduct competitive analysis

  • Conduct environmental scan

  • Leverage contextual knowledge

  • Analyze data & leverage business intelligence

  • Develop and manage forecasts

  • Manage business intelligence and analytics

  • Negotiate and manage contracts

Internal Supply Chain Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Collaborate with partners in product/service design

  • Manage inventory and warehousing

  • Manage order fulfillment

  • Manage transportation logistics

  • Design, establish and manage related contracts

  • Identify and develop strategic sourcing relationships

  • Establish strategic and tactical SCM plans and processes

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:


"My major in political science introduced me to the importance of policy and process. I took an elective in project management that soon became a minor in SCM. At graduation, I committed to completing my PMP certification in five years."

Employment Experiences:
  • Server in university

  • Residence leader in university

  • Marketing coordinator for a national telecommunications company

  • Transitioned to project coordinator role in the engineering department

  • Became an operations project manager


"I learned how to be flexible and thrive within ambiguity. I learned how to rely on others, and to be relied upon. I got comfortable in a fast-paced environment with high potential for the unexpected. My experience allows me to control my emotions, so stressful situation don’t escalate. I always practice the best ways to check in with people and how to defuse tension."

Community Experiences:
  • Local charity event coordinator


"I manage a team of volunteers. From this, I learned how to get tasks done with disparate individuals who aren’t acting under traditional rewards or penalties."

Contextual Experiences:
  • Was a varsity athlete in university in a team sport and was voted captain in my final year


"I developed a strong work ethic and a reputation for getting things done no matter what. The discipline required in a high-performance team sport taught me the importance of coordination and leadership."

  • Sought to foster good working relationships with all the people I became dependent upon for deliverables. They need to know me well enough to understand my intentions.


"I understand motivation and how or why people do what they do. I need to know how to read people and know who’s having a bad day and how to deal with that, so I always get the best out of them."

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