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News Reporter (TV or Radio)

"I collect and analyze facts about newsworthy events and people through interviews, research, data analysis and observation. I’m employed by a TV station, but I produce stories across different platforms using video, text, photo galleries and more. My job is to tell people what’s happening so they can make informed decisions as citizens. I pursue the truth by talking to diverse sources and communicate the news to my audience in a manner that’s relevant to them. My reward is making a difference in my community and learning about a variety of issues."

Salary Range:

$54,000 - $119,000

The Tip

Your reputation is your currency. It takes years to build and can be ruined with one mistake. Remember this every day.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
  • Ability to develop a compelling narrative

  • Ability to develop evidence-based content

  • Ability to generate new approaches to familiar stories

  • Expertise in verbal and written use of language

  • Research

  • Visual and audio recording and editing

  • Ability to pitch ideas

Great at
  • Apply expertise in media-focused subject areas (current affairs, sports, entertainment, weather)

  • Link content with a specific audience

  • Data analytics

  • Ability to create and edit content for digital applications

  • Apply deep understanding of media needs, practices and news cycles

Good at
  • Production planning & design

  • Manage projects

  • Execute a promotional strategy

  • Ability to monetize content

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Communication (broadcast media studies) with a minor in political science

  • Other education paths could include: A Bachelor of Communication majoring in journalism, with minors in creative writing, speech, economics, Indigenous studies or criminology, or a diploma in broadcast or media production from a college or technical institute

  •  Aim for the Heart: Write, Shoot and Produce for TV and Multimedia, by Al Tompkins

  • Keeping up to date on local, national and international news


"Being a broadcast news reporter today is challenging. I am highly motivated to bring news and facts to my audience quickly, so people can make informed decisions in their lives. I hold authorities to account for their decisions and I have researched my stories fully to ensure accuracy. To maintain a competitive advantage, I ensure I’m agile and can work across platforms, telling compelling stories regardless of the medium. I developed a formal education plan to deliver on this. Today, I focus on informal learning to ensure I understand current events and emerging trends and how they may impact my profession. Learning is core to my job every day."


Employment Experiences:
  • Joined school radio station in first week at university. Hosted my own show in my first year; wrote and produced short newscasts. Used social media to promote my shows.

  • Joined the street team for a local country music radio station. Later promoted to work as a weekend news reader.

  • Took a full-time position after graduation as a video journalist in a northern community, where I shot, edited and voiced my own stories

  • Two years later I landed a position as a local radio reporter for the national broadcaster in a big city. The last few years I’ve spent a lot of time reporting from the courthouse and city hall.


"In the media world, networks create opportunities. I knew this on Day 1 at university and wanted to ensure I used my time, both inside and outside the classroom, as an opportunity to gain experience, build my reputation and develop a portfolio of professional work. My time in the north taught be to be resilient and self-reliant, which has since defined my career."

Community Experiences:
  • Provided play-by-play for live-streaming of the university’s basketball teams

  • Produced some videos for performers at a local dance studio

  • Active member of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and the Radio-Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)


"I love investigative journalism and I am an exceptional communicator. I made a difference and I learned so much. This made me a better professional."

Contextual Experiences:
  • I enrolled in a field school in Mexico and produced a documentary on the punk music scene in Guadalajara with Mexican and Canadian classmates

  • This profession is highly competitive and requires mobility to progress. I have lived in three cities in 10 years. It is a lifestyle you need to embrace.


"Exposure to diverse cultures, including my time in the north, reinforced my humility because it showed me the world is big and what I actually know is so small."

  • I enrolled in a mentorship program and spent time with an alumna who offered lots of insight

  • I took opportunities to introduce myself to other broadcast reporters when I was out in the field on school news assignments


"I know success as a reporter is about building strong relationships and networks. I do this by recognizing all relationships must be win-win. Being a reporter can involve long hours (early mornings, late nights and weekends), so I need to have strong personal relationships."

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