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Information Technology Analyst

"I am the brains of my business. People need information, and I get it for them. I create information systems which help my company improve their efficiency, something which is more important in supply chain management than in most other fields. I work with and even train internal stakeholders, as while as review my company to ensure that processes related to my field are being properly applied."

Salary Range:

$50,000 - $76,000

The Tip

Do a work-term experience. Period. This forces you to get out of a classroom and apply yourself. This opens your world

Priority Knowledge & Skills
Customer Relationship Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Apply principles of CRM

  • Manage a sales process

  • Compelling presentation & report writing

  • Develop & execute a distribution strategy

  • Leverage e-commerce

  • Develop & execute a merchandising strategy

  • Leverage co-operative marketing

  • Provide customer support

  • Develop & execute a pricing strategy


General Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Manage budgets

  • Manage projects

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Conduct competitive analysis

  • Conduct environmental scan

  • Leverage contextual knowledge

  • Analyze data & leverage business intelligence

  • Develop and manage forecasts

  • Manage business intelligence and analytics

  • Negotiate and manage contracts

Internal Supply Chain Management

Knowledge & ability to:

  • Collaborate with partners in product/service design

  • Manage inventory and warehousing

  • Manage order fulfillment

  • Manage transportation logistics

  • Design, establish and manage related contracts

  • Identify and develop strategic sourcing relationships

  • Establish strategic and tactical SCM plans and processes

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS) with a minor in statistics

  • Master of Business Administration (strategic management)

  • I better understand the science of human decision making and motivation by reading books like Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow” and Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational


"Systems analysis is one of the core courses in the BIS program. It provided me with an understanding of the methods and tools for business analysis. I realized that I may need some statistical skills to analyze organizational and user requirements data, so I decided to take a minor in statistics. The combination of business, computing and statistical skills has been instrumental in my success as a business analyst, while an additional MBA with a concentration in strategic management enables me to understand how to harness organizational human, financial and other assets to gain a strategic advantage, using information systems as a strategic vehicle. Organizations highly value my multi-disciplinary background."

Employment Experiences:
  • Retail sales specialist at large electronics retailer. Expanded this role into a technical support specialist role.

  • Did summer job as an IT business analyst for local health authority

  • First job following graduation was in a customer support role for a large telecommunications company. Promoted to client care specialist.

  • Recruited to become an IT analyst for an Australian-owned agribusiness firm. I am currently at the Canadian office, but my goal is to pursue a career pathway to Australia.


"This pathway provided me the background in selling and customer experiences essential to understanding user requirements. Client relationships have been key to my ability to relate with information system users, understanding their needs and exploring ways by which information systems could make their work more effective and efficient. It was key that I was proactive in mapping out the knowledge and skills I would need and how to go out and get them."

Community Experiences:
  • Founding president of the Business Analytics Club at my university. I have remained active as an alumni mentor.


"It was an incredible experience founding a club and using it as a bridge into the professional community. It gave me a reason to “warm” call professionals and invite them to come to speak at our events."

Contextual Experiences:
  • I did a semester abroad at the University of Melbourne in Australia. This opened a world of potential for me.


"I always considered myself ambitious, but my semester abroad reframed my definition of what’s possible in an international context."

  • During my semester abroad, I met my future wife. She followed me back to Canada to study. We have committed to defining careers that provide our family a route back to Melbourne.


"You never know when you are going to find “the one.” My “one” just happened to be Australian. Having a career mission and a plan is good but being agile and adaptable enough to adjust when life happens is essential. Remember, all plans are created to be changed."

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