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Health & Wellness Manager - Corporate

"My job is to ignite passion for wellness, because I know wellness is not only good for the body and mind, it is good for the bottom line. As a manager of health & wellness in a large corporation, I develop supports and programs to keep our staff healthy. This involves working with diverse community partners and experts, from health professionals to fitness programmers, who support me in achieving this goal."

Salary Range:

$59,000 - $101,000

The Tip

Refine your skills through volunteering in your community. This is a low barrier to building evidence that you can actually do what you say you can do. Once you prove this, someone will hire you to do it.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
  • Health wellness certifications

  • Consumer insights

  • Market analysis

Core Transferable

Be an expert at all core transferable skills:

  • Thinking skills

  • Communication skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Technical literacy

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences with a minor in psychology

  • Masters of Business Administration (Health Services Management)

  • Diploma in analytics from local community college

  • Voracious consumer of psychology resources including the Hidden Brain podcast


"I consider myself a health & wellness educator. My education in the health sciences combined with psychology and training in business created a unique combination of skills and knowledge. These skills taught me the fundamentals of health & wellness and how to motivate people to engage."

Employment Experiences:
  • Summer job with tourism bureau while in university. I was responsible for coordinating health and wellness programming.

  • On executive of student union in university

  • Started career as the marketing coordinator for a non-profit health & wellness foundation

  • Hired as health & wellness coordinator for large company. Recently promoted to manager at this same company.


"Since my time in university, I have focused on gaining diverse employment experiences and roles that let me explore my motivational triggers. This drive is what keeps me engaged in continually learning about health & wellness education."

Community Experiences:
  • Volunteer teaching a course in health & wellness to non-profit organizations so they understand the critical role of health & wellness in an organization’s performance

  • On board of my local YWCA, where I chair our community health & wellness sub-committee


"I realized early on my passion for health & wellness education could be expanded through volunteer experiences."

Contextual Experiences:
  • Active health & wellness blogger and personal storyteller

  • Voracious consumer of health & wellness culture and the factors that drive trends


"My goal is becoming recognized for being an expert in health & wellness. In such a fast paced sector (where everyone is pitching the latest fad) you need to be immersed in emerging trends. My blog is my platform."

  • Seek mentors who are leaders in health and wellness how have diverse experiences


"Being a specialist in health & wellness motivation offered me insight into myself. I am motivated by learning and one way I support this is through building a diverse network."

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