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Associate Professor - University

"I develop and teach a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. I currently engage in active research that can contribute significantly to knowledge in the field. I can work well in a strong team environment and assume an appropriate share of administrative service in a respectful and collegial manner."

Salary Range:

$80,000 - $135,000

The Tip

Industry experience is an asset when you want to become a professor. Academics alone won’t set you apart.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
Technical Knowledge & Skills
  • Programming

  • Data structures

  • Web development

  • Database design & development

  • Systems analysis

  • Operating systems/ Networking

  • Human-computer interaction

Special Skills
  • Technical expertise

  • Teaching experience

  • Research focus


  • Ph.D. or master’s degree in relevant field with specific industry experience

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Ph.D. in Information Systems

  • While doing my master’s in computer science, I served as a teaching assistant and found a passion for teaching

"I enjoyed my field of study. I knew I was a high achiever when I excelled in all my classes. There was no stopping for me until I achieved the terminal degree in my field."

Employment Experiences:
  • Teaching assistant while doing my graduate degree

  • Did internship with local petrochemical distributer as a junior programmer

  • At graduation, I was hired as a systems analyst looking at their current system in view of upgrading to a new system


"Being a graduate teaching assistant gave me excellent relevant career experience to know what it is to be a professor in a reputed university. Work experience in the industry helped me understand how my research might be applied to solve real-world problems and it was very gratifying. I developed my writing skills so I could publish my research as an academic. My analytical skills helped me with my research - in understanding complex problems."

Community Experiences:
  • I have a passion to network and connect with people in all walks of life


"My natural tendency toward networking has helped me develop excellent verbal communication skills, which are essentials skills for a teacher and researcher."

Contextual Experiences:
  • I’m a lifelong learner and I believe learning is key to personal fulfillment


"You can be a learner at almost any age and in any discipline. Fostering an environment where students can learn and discuss important topics in a respectful manner is important to me."

  • Worked as a research intern doing relevant research with my professor while in university


"I still have contacts and connections with people at my alma mater. My goal is to motivate and inspire students to enter my field of research. I love to do collaborative research as I believe that helps foster professional development among colleagues."

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