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Advertising Sales

"The changes in advertising have been profound. Today’s clients are looking for campaigns that extend across all platforms: radio, TV, internet and social media. And yet the sales relationship itself still comes down to the fundamentals of providing excellent service to clients. My job is to help businesses succeed through the power of persuasive messaging. I work with existing clients to extend their reach to target prospective customers. I show them everything we can do to help boost their sales. For me, landing a new account and then rolling out that first campaign is a big rush."

Salary Range:

$35,000 - $65,000

The Tip

To paraphrase Wayne Gretzky: you don’t score if you don’t take shots. When you have a strong product, building sales is a matter of putting it in front people.

Priority Knowledge & Skills
  • Execute a promotional strategy

  • Ability to pitch ideas

  • Expertise in verbal and written use of language

  • Data analytics

  • Link content with a specific audience

  • Ability to generate new approaches to familiar stories

Great at
  • Ability to create and edit content for digital applications

  • Apply deep understanding of media needs, practices and news cycles

  • Manage projects

Good at
  • Ability to develop a compelling narrative

  • Production planning & design

  • Apply expertise in media-focused subject areas (current affairs, sports, entertainment, weather)

Building Block Experiences
Education & Learning:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (marketing) with a minor in communication studies


"Entering university, my fascination with business and marketing was only slightly higher than my interest in media. As I moved through my studies I recognized my outgoing personality and competitive nature positioned me well for a sales career. I sought out a sales-related work term opportunity with a media company after third year and found my niche."



Employment Experiences:
  • Started at a small market TV station just after graduation, and sold my first spot to a company that installs septic tanks. Promoted to sales manager five years later.

  • Took a job as a sales associate based in a major market for a national media company with an extensive network of TV, radio, digital and mobile assets


"As a former collegiate athlete I have always been interested in motivational psychology. I am motivated to perform at my best, and I try to take advantage of resources available to me. I am an early adopter of technology and spend a lot of time understanding data analysis to help my clients."



Community Experiences:
  • Assistant coach of a junior B hockey team


"Sports at any level offer life lessons in resilience, teamwork, accountability and leadership."



Contextual Experiences:
  • Spent two years playing professional hockey in Europe before university


"Living overseas and travelling with the team helped me understand what it’s like to be different."



  • I seek to foster good working relationships with all the people I am dependent upon for deliverables. They need to know me well enough to understand my intentions.


"I understand motivation and how or why people do what they do. I need to know how to read people and know who’s having a bad day and how to deal with that so I always get the best out of them."

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