In Designing YOU, we challenge you to develop a 10-Year Mission. A Purpose. Each 10-Year Mission Map template guides you on the different knowledge and skills you'll need to deliver on your 10-Year Professional Mission. This mission can’t all be learned by accident, rather, it needs to be the outcome of an intentional development process rooted in five building blocks.


Education & Learning


Employment Experiences


Volunteer Experiences


Contextual Experiences


Important Relationships

In other words, the expertise you’ll possess in ten years, whether it as a marine biologist or an accountant, won’t be a fluke. It needs to be planned.


Before you develop your own Mission Map, we've included dozens of different Mission Maps based 10 years into a career. Each map is a summary based on interviews and surveys of real people and their personal experiences in their careers and in life. It was their diverse experiences that made them what they became.

Each Mission Maps is composed of the following sections:

Job Title & Sector: Pay attention to the sector or industry.

Job Description: What this hypothetical person does in their role.

Salary Range: What this position earns in Canada in 2017 dollars.

Priority Knowledge and Skills: The knowledge and skills required to be an “expert at,” “great at,” and “good” at in year 10 in this position.

The Tip: Something so important about this person’s role they had to tell you about it.

Building Block Experiences: This section is broken down by the five professional building blocks and examines how each contributed to this professional’s knowledge and skill development.


Remember, there is never just one single map to get from here to there. Consider these sample Mission Maps more of a compass than a GPS. They won’t tell you exactly how to get from here to there, but they’ll point you in the right direction, tell you where to start and offer support on the way.

If you'd like to start by exploring our range of Career Mission Maps, search our Designing YOU Mission Map Gallery below. You can also search it using keywords.   



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